Single Level Play Area.
Perfect for those looking for a safe, contained soft play area with padded wall surrounds, our single level play areas can be designed, manufactured and installed to any reasonable size and theme. Children can enjoy hours of fun in our single level soft play areas, playing amongst soft play shapes and rockers designed to your theme.


Anyone who has come home to find their sofa, coffee table and furniture covered with blankets knows all too well how much kids love to climb, crawl and slide in a fantasy land of their own creation.

Children learn essential social and emotional skills through playing together without overt adult supervision.  Sadly “open, free play time” is being cut back more and more and curtailing these critical learning opportunities is not encouraging.  Together, we can reverse this alarming trend!

Our unique Tunnel & Hut play areas offer creativity, physical exercise and interaction in environments only available from Softplay Solutions. 

Combining fixed in place, full sized and mini Tunnel and Hut systems with slides, steps and log climbs – when coupled with a wide variety of loose shapes - provides young children with unparalleled opportunities to fully engage with their peers and create memorable, positive experiences.

Tunnel & Hut play areas are made to any size, shape, theme or budget and can be configured in a way to best suit your available space.

Kindergarten and Pre-School Soft Play Areas

Perfect for those looking for a small, safe, contained play area with soft, safety wall surrounds with or without built-in activity wall panels or dexterity games.

Transform a corner of your play room, kindergarten or Child Watch into a space where toddlers can explore and develop balance, movement and coordination.

Little ones will enjoy hours of fun filled, interactive play with their peers amongst a wide range of soft play shapes, low climbing pieces and rockers or any of our other great play items you'd like to choose to include in your play area.

Single level play areas can be designed to fit any size or shaped space - with or without a theme - along with a variety of wall shapes and wall games to keep toddles stimulated and interested.


Play Pits

We can manufacture a fun and safe play pit to any size, shape and theme that you choose. Customise your play pit by choosing from low or high boundary wall options, and by adding distinctive artwork and soft play packages. We offer a huge range of themes that you can browse, or you can tell us about your own ideas and we’ll design the play pit accordingly. If you don’t want a theme, we can produce an equally bright and colourful standard play pit.

By using internally sewn seams and high density foam padding we ensure that your play pit is built to last.

Just as important as the pit itself, is what’s inside it. You can choose to include the popular and fun ball pool and our selection of soft play equipment also includes unique shapes, rockers and soft play animals.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us for a price on your own size or theme.

Any questions, please contact us.