"The YMCA of Greater Rochester has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Daniel Brenman since the mid 1990s. Back then our Association sought to transform the way people perceived the YMCA and set out to engage families at a much more purposeful level. Today, the Family Membership category has become the driving force in the development and continued growth of our Association. In order to fulfill the needs of different and diverse families, we needed to create environments and opportunities that went far beyond traditional family offerings. Over the past 20 years we have implemented an array of aquatic as well as land use inflatable structures, soft play equipment and many other creative solutions designed to help us achieve our goals. The development of our Family Adventure Centers, prolonged use of pool inflatables and slides, coupled with a variety of landbased large group inflatables has most definitely had a huge impact on changing the perception and awareness levels of our YMCA in suburban, urban and camp settings. Every unit in our Association has benefited from his expertise, and our community has been enriched greatly by this wonderful collaboration."

George M. Romell, President & CEO, YMCA of Greater Rochester, USA

"Dear Daniel,

I am writing this letter to express my complete satisfaction for the play areas you have brought to our Family Y branches. We have now installed your Soft Play Systems in seven of our branch locations and the feedback from our members has been wonderful. It has helped us grow and sustain our membership because parents can feel good about leaving their kids to have fun while they work out. The kids absolutely love coming to the Y and using the equipment. The Family Y high recommends you to anyone who would like to turn their ordinary playroom into a fabulous playroom! You and your design team we wonderful to work with. If I can do anything to help you with any future projects you are pursuing, please let me know." 


Danny McConnell, President & CEO, The Family Y, Augusta, GA

" Daniel sells soft and inflatable play products that are fabulous for YMCA’s in engaging children both on land and in the water.  

We bought four soft, custom designed play spaces from Daniel when I was in Augusta and just recently installed our own soft play area in our Downtown Branch in Chattanooga and also for our North River Branch (theirs is on two moveable trolleys as well as a pool inflatable……obstacle course).

I can tell you this equipment is fabulous and makes a huge statement to families about our intent in providing spaces for them to play.  I think it brings great value to our family memberships.  We are using it in our child watch areas and opening it up for birthday parties, parent’s night out, as well as preschool. 

In addition we will make it available for members and families to just play in together. "

Janet Dunn, CEO, YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga