Love the action but don’t have a dedicated space?


No problem – we’ve created a series of soft play sets on trolleys for programmed use for whenever you’d like to engage young children in interactive, fun filled play.   Practical, quick and easy to pick up and store on 6 wheeled, covered trolleys.


Each trolley is 3’ wide x 6’ 6” long and comes with 10 floor mats - 195 square feet of coverage - which join together in any combination and shape you’d like to create.  Add a hopscotch game graphic to any floor mats…….

Chose from our selected packages or feel free to create your own mix of soft play equipment – we’ll be happy to package it for you in a bag or on a trolley.


Perfect for creating a new program to use in your gym, multi-purpose room or under-utilized racquetball court.


“ The 9 trolleys of soft play equipment are a great asset to our YMCA. 


We use the equipment for our parent/child classes, open houses and community events.  We also use some of the soft play equipment in our new toddler playhouse.  This was created for our family members to sue as an added amenity to our membership, providing time in a safe and colorful place for families to be active and bond together while having fun at the Y.  The equipment is durable and can be used anywhere. 


The soft play equipment is a great bonus to any Y. “


Mark Elsasser

CEO, Westfield Area YMCA, NJ